2015 Wrap-up

We took on a major project with a group of 22 members and their families. The first season of our Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Containment System was a success! This is all due to Jim Novitski and Chris Quinn, along with many volunteers. Our diversity of experience, knowledge, and education was reflected in our success from the planning, through design, and resulting in the installation, monitoring and removal of the system in our first season. Each and every volunteer was necessary to our success. On the install and removal days there were 28 and 31 volunteers, respectively, working hard. Along with 11 volunteers that performed the daily and twice weekly monitoring. Than you very much to all the volunteers and all others that supported this project.

Our next challenge will be the 2016 season installation, monitoring and removal. All the volunteers are critical to this and by helping spread out the work, a huge project becomes possible. Along with the volunteers, ongoing financial support continues to be critical to ensure the future success of our AIS containment project.

The next major issue I see ahead of us is our planning for the future of the Perch Lake Owners Association. We had some discussion about the ‘Nexters’ at our 2015 annual meeting in July and decided to have the Board look further into the possible changes. As the Board continues to review the possible options, I welcome any suggestions.

As a final note, I want to thank everyone for their support in all of our efforts for the PLOA. Ideas are always welcome and I encourage your communication with me, either through e-mail or phone calls: 1-616-844-5157.

Dave Foster,
PLOA President

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