Aquatic Invasive Species Containment System

In the fall of 2014, the Perch Lake Owners Association (PLOA) developed an ambitious plan for implementing an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Containment System at the public boat launch at Perch Lake. Several factors led to this decision, including discussion with Ian Shackleford, Botanist with the Ottawa National Forest. He notified area lake residents of the following:

Eurasian water-milfoil (EWM) is aggressively spreading in neighboring lakes. We need volunteers to help monitor the boat landing area to ensure early detection. The cost to control this aggressive plant is prohibitive unless identified early. If you think you may have detected EWM, please collect a sample and contact Ian Shackleford of the NFS to confirm the identification at: or 906-932-1330, ext. 331.

Extensive discussion with the PLOA Board, residents and other stakeholders led to the decision to take a proactive approach to EWM. A containment system plan was developed with the goals being:

  1. Preserve and protect Perch Lake.
  2. Develop a more comprehensive, efficient, and economical way of preventing aquatic invasive species introduction into Perch Lake as no other current method satisfies our situation.
  3. Monitor and collect the types of aquatic invasive species that could be exposing Perch Lake to infestation.

This immense undertaking was the brainchild of PLOA Lake Management Committee Chair Jim Novitski, with monumental efforts led by Chris Quinn, the PLOA Board, and dozens of volunteers and family members. The Perch Lake community is eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to this massive undertaking in 2015, and we look forward to protecting Perch Lake for many years to come.

A Brief History of the Containment System

Winter 2013-14

Discussion began amongst the PLOA about trying to improve on the conventional methods of protecting Perch Lake from aquatic invasive species (AIS) which had been limited to sporadic monitoring and an occasional visit from a portable boat washer that circulates throughout Iron County.

Summer 2014

We started to gather information from containment system suppliers to present ideas to the PLOA members.

Fall 2014

Thanks to great understanding and foresight, the membership of PLOA approved the project and began a fund raising effort. We also began applying for permits at this time.

Winter 2014-15

Engineering plans were selected and material preparations began. The order for the boom/netting material was placed.

July 2015

Thanks to a fantastic turnout of members, friends, colleagues and associates, the initial installation of the containment area system was completed.

October 2015

After a successful three month deployment, the containment system was removed and stored for the season.

May 2016

Re-installation of the containment system was accomplished.

October 2016

After a successful five month deployment, the containment system was removed and stored for the season.

Installation and removal dates for 2017

  • May 12th: Installation
  • October 5th: Removal

Current Sign-up Sheets

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