History of the Ralph Sensenbrenner Property

History of the Ralph Sensenbrenner Property (Section 22, township 46, north range 35W. portion of lot 2, 3, & 4)

Originally owned by the Detroit, Mackinac, and Marquette Land Company which existed 1879-1950. The three parcels were transferred to Edward Scott “Ted” Kingsford on October 18, 1937. ES Kingsford was the son of Edward George Kingsford, who was partner of Henry Ford Plant in Iron Mountain, and who platted Kingsford Michigan.

ES Kingsford built a cabin (the back portion of the existing red cabin) and boat house on his property north of the national campground boat landing. He may have used it primarily as a duck hunting camp. In the late 1980’s an elderly man stopped to talk to Lyle and Judy Sensenbrenner who were staying at the cabin. As a young boy he helped in the construction of the cabin by riding a work horse which pulled and swam the spruce and balsam logs being cut on the property. A Finnish carpenter expertly planned and fitted the logs so that chinking was unnecessary.

Ralph Sensenbrenner purchased the three parcels June 5, 1956 plus the cabin, its furnishings and the boat house. In the late 50’s Ralph added a front room onto the cabin. In 1967 Ralph received US Forest Service approval to construct a road to his cabin (now called North Perch Lake Drive). Ralph moved the boathouse next to the cabin after completing the road. The road opened the area to the other property owner on the north shore of the lake and other cabins were constructed in the next couple of decades.

The Klumpp cabin may have preceded the Kingsford/Sensenbrenner cabin. The front portion was constructed in the late 1920’s or early 30’s by someone who had a connection with the Civilian Conservation Corp. It was built in the winter and the tools and materials were transported across the ice from the current boat ramp.

Thank you to Judy Sensenbrenner and Lynn Klumpp for providing the details for this piece!



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